VIP Experience

Enjoy a movie in our VIP Cinema with large, comfortable, leather recliner seats along with the option to order a meal from our in house prepared foods.

In our VIP Cinema we strive to provide a delightful visit each and every time. We have a renovated theater designed for comfort throughout the whole experience. Our concierge service includes waiters to serve any of your purchased concessions directly to your seat. This entire VIP service is also available for private parties and events arranged through contacting our management.


- Providing assigned seating to allow you to know which seats are available before purchase.

- Featuring the Bliss Zero Recliner from First Class Seating and VIP Luxury Seating.

- Recline into zero gravity and enjoy the movie!

Please Note that No One Under the Age of 8 is Permitted into the VIP Auditoriums. 


- Our servers will bring any concessions that you order straight to your seat.

- Allows you to get comfortably seated before the movie without juggling all of your concessions on your way in.


- All of our normal concessions are also available for delivery straight to your seat!
- Also Featuring our In-House Food Options, With New Food Items added Intermittently.
- Dessert items from the local Muddy Bees Bakery can be ordered for delivery half way through the film.


- Our VIP Cinema admissions have a base ticket price of $8 along with a $7 concierge fee for the VIP services provided.

- The VIP prices are the same at any time of day, with the exception of our VIP Retro Thursday program, where certain films will come with a discount. Please call our number to check Retro Programming.

For information about reservations for full VIP rentals you should contact us by phone, at (435) 635-1484 Ext 4.